Differences Between Heat Pumps, Boilers and Furnaces

Heat prices are on the high rise for homeowners. However, we have a variety of options to choose from regarding our heating needs. Heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces are among the most popular choices we choose, but unfortunately, only a few people understand how each functions. We will explain how all three heating equipment work, the prices associated with installing, as well as other pros and cons for all the systems.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps utilize electricity to transfer heat from a cold area to a hotter one. This makes the hot space hotter in the winter and the cold space colder in the summer. They can either increase or decrease temperatures.

Heat pump’s price

A heat pump is an excellent way to enhance energy efficiency in your house. This leads to low monthly cooling and heating bills. Because a heat pump unit replaces your current furnace and AC system, heat pump installation will cost an average of $4,888.

How Does It Function?

Heat pumps are very easy to use. Heat naturally moves to places with low temperatures, but if you want that heat to move or stay in a specific room, this equipment is ideal. Given that heat pumps don’t generate heat, you require a warm climate outside. Heat pumps are therefore not recommended in places of extreme cold.


Not surprisingly, the work of boilers is to boil water. The hot water will then flow through pipes to the several baseboard heaters or radiators you have in your house, which supply the heat that heats the room. A boiler works to provide heat to your entire house.

The cost of boilers

Heating systems are incredibly crucial when it comes to a living space so unsurprisingly; every system is costly to install. Their prices start at around 2,000 US dollars for a brand new boiler. Boiler installation will cost you an average of 4,321 US dollars. Depending on your property, a boiler can easily pay for itself with just savings in the first few years.

How A Boiler Functions

Many boilers require some fuel to maintain them working. The most commonly used fuels are natural gas and oil. These fuels can be pricey if your boiler is inefficient or outdated. It is critical to keep in mind the volume of the area the boiler is required to keep warm compared to the fuel amount being utilized. Be mindful of your fuel bill and energy when running your heat. This must tell you if your boiler is efficient. Utilizing a boiler with the electronic ignition, instead of a constantly running pilot light, is a perfect way to save the costs of energy when buying a boiler.


Furnaces produce heat through coils instead of water. The equipment utilize a fuel to heat a group of coils. They then utilize a motorized blower to blow air across those coils. This air is warmed and then moves through the ducts.

Cost of Furnace installation

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A furnace should be properly sized to the apartment. This is because a furnace with excess capacity utilizes extra

power. On the other hand, an undersized equipment will not effectively heat the house. Furnace installation tends to cost homeowners around a whopping 3,600 US Dollars.

How Furnaces Function

Furnaces may work utilizing propane, electricity or natural gas as the power source. Geothermal furnaces, solar-powered furnaces, and oil furnaces are choices that a homeowner should consider.

Whether to perform an indoor air quality test, install or repair a heat pump or boiler, or even maintenance a furnace. It is best to allow a certified and licensed engineer to do so, call the professionals from Comfortilio for immediate expert assistance now.

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