Advantages and Disadvantages of Walk-in Bathtubs

Going in and out of a bathtub is a risky moment when any unexpected accidents can happen. The best answer to that problem is a walk-in bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs are specially and particularly manufactured for the elderly and handicap individuals and are commonly used in living centers for seniors as well as in retirement communities all over the world. If bathroom safety is a concern to you than you may want to consider a having a walk-in tub installed the next time you have you bathroom remodeled.

What is the functionality of walk-in bathtubs?

Walk-in tubs are normally fabricated with an easy to open and close door on either the side or front of the bathtub. Easy access to enter or exit the tub without having to lift the legs is a great benefit thanks to the built-in doors on the bathtub. Concern that the water would leak out was very popular when these beneficial item was first manufactured. However, the sealing material used on the doors of these tubs do an amazing job in keeping the water from leaking out. Another great feature included in this magnificent bathroom equipment is its quick draining capacity; this is a relief being that individuals do not have to sit for long waiting for the water to drain.

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Professional assistance is required to get the bathtub properly installed, however, if you can’t afford to employ an expert to complete the installation than you may instead settle for a portable model. Portable models can be hooked up to any faucet and do not need installation as a walk-in bathtub does. Also, additional features that provide comfort, relaxation and support can also be included. Some of those additional features are handrails, adjustable shower heads and bubble jets. Various models exist and are very customizable to each individual’s need. Customization can apply to the size and shape which can affect the accessibility as well as the overall look of the room.

Benefit of Walk-in Tubs

Walk-In TubsIn case you are planning to acquire a walk-in bathtub, reviewing the benefits may just be your best alibi. The biggest benefit, especially to individuals with limited mobility problems is that a walk-in bathtub makes taking a bath much easier. In terms of safety, the availability of handrails and seats helps individuals stay above water. Also, walk-in tubs are manufactured to avoid any slip and falling. The fact that walk-in bathtubs eliminate the use of sliding doors in the shower is a safety feature being that those types of doors pose a serious threat to the elderly and handicap.

Disadvantage of Walk-in Tubs

The biggest disadvantage besides having to walk in and close the door before letting the water run is waiting for the tub to fill up. Also, having to wait (although a very short period of time) for the water to drain out can be a deciding factor for some people. However, manufactures have already started to tackle these small disadvantages by installing faucets with the capability of filling up the tub very fast, fast draining systems and temperature controls. Lastly, being that walk-in bathtubs are so big, people may need potent water heaters to be able to use it accordingly.